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10 Toys You Can Get Right Now To Relive Your Childhood Without Breaking The Bank

Remember just how much better toys were when we were kids? Well, turns out a lot of companies agreed, because our old favorites are back, and a lot of them are on sale for Cyber Monday! There's no better time to relive your childhood!

These deals are all temporary and have limited stock, so don't wait too long!

Spirograph ($20)


Keep drawing crazy patterns, just like when you were a kid! Amazon

Lite Brite ($22)

Basic Fun

We loved making pictures out of brightly-colored pegs and lights back in the 80s, and we still do now! Amazon

Etch A Sketch Classic ($20)

Etch A Sketch

It's just as impossible as ever to make a great picture with this, but that doesn't make it any less fun! Amazon

Simon ($10.50)


See how long you can keep the pattern going! Amazon

Jenga ($9)


You and your friends can relive all the childhood drama and tension of stacking blocks! Amazon

Play-Doh ($8)


You can get the original set of 10 Play-Doh colors for about what a Starbucks latte costs these days. Amazon

K-nex ($28)


You can build some pretty great designs that can also move, and you can do it for less than 50% of the original cost! Amazon

Marble Run Super Set ($40)

Marble Genius

One of the coolest toys of just about any year, you can build amazing towers and watch marbles run down them! Amazon

Rainbow Mini Notes ($8)

Melissa & Doug

Remember leaving these everywhere for your friends? Why not do it again? Amazon

NERF ($8.50)


Liven up your office with some good old-fashioned foam warfare! Amazon

These deals are going quickly, so hurry to Amazon!

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