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10 All-Too-Real Struggles Kids Today Will Never Have To Go Through

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I realize that kids today think they have things really hard, but that could not be further from the truth. You don't get to have smartphones and Google and complain about a hard life. Know what's a hard life? Encyclopedias.

These are some things kids today will never have to experience, and it's probably for the best.

1. Passing Notes

The folding, the risk taking, and the intricate details you included in your doodles. Passing notes was the coolest thing you could do. And if you didn't get one, you felt left out. Not to mention, if your teacher caught you, the note would be read in front of the whole class. Yikes. Guess everyone knows you have a crush on Michael S. now.

2. Book Reports

Coles Notes wasn't a thing, unless you physically went to buy the book of Coles Notes. You had to read the whole book, and actually pay attention. If your book wasn't filled with 9,000 sticky tabs, it wasn't going to end well for you.

3. Poster Board


There was no Powerpoint. You didn't use computers to make your projects. You best believe if you had a project, you were going to the dollar store or Staples to pick out a piece of poster board (two, if you're prone to mistakes.) You could get pictures online, but that was about it. More often than not, you were photocopying pictures from books at the library to then cut and paste them onto your board. You also did that cool "whomp whomp whomp" thing with the poster board to make it sound like thunder.

4. Practicing Cursive

Missouri Education Watchdog

Did you know they're taking cursive writing out of schools now? Yep. It's become so obsolete that it's not even a useful skill for kids to learn now. Cursive is a beautiful style of writing where Ms look like Ns, and Zs look like a Cyndaquil Pokemon. Having to write all the letters over and over, plus only use cursive writing once you learned it, was something kids today will never have to deal with.

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