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10 Nintendo Games That Could Make You Filthy Rich

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There are all sorts of things people like to collect with the hopes of them one day being worth something; baseball cards, Looney Tunes merchandise, rare books, you name it! Turns out video games are no exception, and if you have one of these 10 games, you could make some serious bank!

Nintendo World Championships


Back in 1990, Nintendo held its first ever Nintendo World Championships, in which gamers competed in three separate challenges for massive prizes. 90 finalists were allowed to keep their specialized cartridges (grey versions) while the top 26 players were given a gold edition. Given their rarity, they're extremely expensive: grey copies fetch up to $19,000 online, while gold ones have sold for as high as $26,000.

DuckTales: Gold Cartridge Edition

Ars Technica

There's been plenty of limited edition versions of games throughout the years, and it's pretty much a guarantee that it's going to become a collector's item (just ask anyone who lined up for the Gold Cartridge version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). Case and point, the gold version of DuckTales made by Capcom to promote the game's remake on newer consoles. At only 150 in existence, they're worth around $1,300 each.


Active Enterprises

One of the few unlicensed NES games that wasn't officially endorsed by Nintendo, Cheetahmen has the duo-distinction of being both one of the worst and one of the rarest cartridges on the system.

Hagane: The Final Conflict


Sometimes the internet is its own worst enemy, and this is the case with anyone trying to collect a copy of Hagane. It was readily available but a rumor started that it was exclusive to Blockbuster, which caused demand for it to skyrocket. Now a sealed copy of the game has sold for upwards of $3,600.

Seriously, some of these next ones go for pretty crazy prices...

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