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10 Musicians That Tried To Sound Tough, And Just Made Us Laugh In The Process

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Throughout the history of music, plenty of bands, singers, groups, whatever you want to call them really, have managed to cultivate a following based on a bad boy or bad girl image that wowed teenagers and pissed off their parents. Don't believe me? Take a look at people's reactions to Elvis Presley back when he was new.

The point is, there's a considerable amount of bank to be made by sounding "tough" or "dangerous," which of course is going to attract a lot of imitators. In the case of these 10 musicians, they tried at some point or another to sound like complete badasses, only to fail miserably.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice set out to prove that white boys could be just as gangsta as anyone else, and came across as possibly the least intimidating rapper of the 90s. It didn't help that all of the street cred he boasted about was a complete lie.

New Kids On The Block

The original boyband made the absolutely baffling decision to record a song about how "tough" they were, and the result comes off like the musical equivalent of Scrappy-Doo. Fun fact: nobody likes Scrappy-Doo.

Limp Bizkit

Fred Durst is probably the least intimidating frontman to a rap-rock group ever. Even though their songs told us to break stuff and do it all for the nookie, Durst manages to spend each song just sounding like that whiny stoner who complained about having to actually do his homework.

Peter Cetera

The Chicago frontman howls in this song that he'll fight for your honor, but we have a hard time believing that he's capable of fighting for a sandwich, let alone anybody's honor.

The bands just get less tough from here...

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