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10 Fictional Towns We All Wanted To Live In When We Were Kids

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Growing up as a kid often means you're stuck in one place for a long time, and it's easy for our minds to wonder about all the much better places we could be living. The source of this wanderlust? TV.

These 10 shows all had cities and towns that all looked way cooler than anywhere we could possibly live, and we all wished we could be there instead.

The Simpsons - Springfield


Sure we'd have to dye our skin yellow just to fit in, but the wacky cast of characters that inhabit Springfield always made it look like the most fun place to live. I mean, I'd go even just to swing by Krusty Burger for some steamed hams.

Gilmore Girls - Stars Hollow


This is pretty much the ideal small town experience thanks to its charm and personality. There's tons of festivals, weekly town meetings, and the worst thing to ever really happen was a rash of garden gnome thefts. What's not to like?

The Jetsons - Orbit City


Two words: flying cars. If that doesn't make you want to live in this futuristic utopia, which also has food you can make from tiny pills, robot maids, and did I mention FLYING CARS, nothing will.

Eerie, Indiana - Eerie


It's creepy and kinda off-putting, but you'd get to solve all sorts of crazy supernatural mysteries. So what if you might not make it out alive?

I'd have given anything to live in one of these next towns...

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