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10 Facts About 'The Rocketeer,' The Best Movie That Everybody's Forgotten

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The Rocketeer was an awesome movie released by Disney in 1991, in which a 1930s Air Force pilot discovers an experimental jetpack that lets him become the titular hero, and he takes to the skies to fight the Nazis. It wasn't well-received on its release, but more and more people seem to be discovering just how much fun it actually is. If you're not convinced yet, check out some of these awesome facts from the making of the movie.

It has a really impressive cast of actors


Jennifer Connelly, Timothy Dalton and Alan Arkin were already Hollywood royalty, and Terry O'Quinn went on to wow audiences as John Locke in the hit TV show Lost.

Its director has done some pretty great movies too


Joe Johnston went on to give us The Pagemaster, Jumanji, October Sky, and most famously, Captain America: The First Avenger.

One of the fictional characters in the movie was based on a real person


Neville Sinclair (Dalton) was based on The Adventures of Robin Hood star Errol Flynn, who was heavily suspected of being a Nazi spy.

Eddie and his gang betraying Sinclair is based on real events


Italian mafia families were no fans of fascism, especially since Benito Mussolini persecuted Sicilians back in the old country. Therefore, a lot of them sided with the FBI against Nazi spies.

The facts get really crazy from here...

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