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10 Disney Movies-Turned-Shows You'll Be Happy You Forgot

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The magic of Disney was all we ever wanted to watch when we were kids. We all spent hours watching, rewinding and then re-watching every Disney movie we owned until we could recite them from memory.


Our poor parents probably knew them all too. Luckily, Disney decided to do something to help them. Making a movie took years, but producing episodes of a TV show was a quicker process. They started making a bunch of shows banking on their already lovable characters and just creating new stories for them.

A lot of people forget that there were so many Disney shows that were based on all of our favorite movies. How many of these do you remember?

The Legend of Tarzan


We jump back into the jungle to check back in on Tarzan and Jane. The show aired between 2001-2003 with all the characters you liked in the movie. It wasn't really anyone's favorite but it's better than nothing!

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command


It's kind of weird seeing Buzz in this style of animation. He also isn't a toy anymore, it's almost like it is the show that Andy gets to watch... Super bizarre.

Timon and Pumbaa


The animation was just off enough to make it just a bit weird to watch, but honestly even a slightly off Lion King-based show is better than most others.

Lilo & Stitch


None of us were done with Lilo and her wonderful pet alien Stitch, so they made us an adorable little TV show!

The Emperor's New School


This kid went through A LOT in the events of the movie, but now he had to endure school. Sucks for him!

Some of our favorite Disney movies were adapted for TV as well...

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