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10 Cartoon Characters We All Had Crushes On As Kids, Even When We Didn't Know What That Meant

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Being a young kid is definitely a weird time: your parents still have to remind you not to eat certain things, you have to go to bed while the sun's still up, and of course, the opposite sex is icky and full of cooties.

Of course, not all of us want to admit it, but there were some characters that, when we saw them in our favorite cartoons, made us feel a strange way that we couldn't quite understand. Well, we at Throwbacks always do our research, so we polled our office to find out who our writers crushed on as kids!

The names of the parties involved have been withheld for their own protection.

Aladdin - Aladdin


It's hard to resist that charming smile and winning personality, which makes it no surprise that Aladdin was a popular choice. As one writer put it:

"It's obviously Aladdin. There are other princes that are just as hot, but he completely wins in personality too."

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Jessica Rabbit

Warner Bros.

I'm sure this one comes as a surprise to nobody given this cartoon femme fatale was basically designed to be attractive to pretty much every pubescent male. According to our staff:

"Between that voice, that makeup and that dress, she's pretty much the most stunning woman who isn't actually real."

Mulan - Captain Li Shang


With a body like a god and the singing voice of Donny Osmond, it's pretty easy to see why the ladies all wanted to get down to business (to defeat the Huns). Let this quote sum it up:

"I did give Captain Shang from Mulan that 'I think your body is hot' look but I couldn't understand my feelings because I was only 7."

The Little Mermaid - Ariel


I feel like an entire generation of 90s kids has grown up with a fondness for red hair and seashell bikinis thanks to everyone's favorite precocious mermaid. One of our staff members had a lot to say about it:

"I think you uncovered something from my subconscious. I liked Ariel as a kid, and now I date a redhead who works as a lifeguard! Coincidence?! I! THINK! NOT!"

Haven't seen your crush on here yet? Keep reading!

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