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10 Cartoons You Loved That Prove Everything Cool Comes From Japan

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When you're a kid, you don't really question where a cartoon you love gets made; you're just happy to be watching something that you consider awesome! However, over time, a lot of kids started to notice that quite a few super awesome cartoons all seemed to be coming from the same place: Japan! While we'd eventually come to discover this strange thing called "anime," in the case of these 10 cartoons, we mostly just remember them being amazing.

Astro Boy

Inspired by characters like Superman, Japan's own early superhero was a little boy robot, made by a scientist to fight evil. Immensely popular worldwide, this was one of the U.S.'s first encounters with cartoons made from outside the country.

Speed Racer

A cartoon so beloved in the 70s that even That 70s Show makes references to it, who didn't love watching the adventures of Speed and his friends? It got extra points for featuring one of the coolest cars in TV history, the Mach 5.


A weird adaptation of three separate shows that had their plots completely changed to make one cohesive show, Robotech centered on the massive intergalactic war between humanity and the alien Zentraedi. It was a huge hit thanks to the sheer coolness of its Veritech machines: jet fighters that transformed into giant robots. These awesome vehicles not only sold millions of toys, but paved the way for series like Transformers.

Battle of the Planets

A bunch of galactic warriors dress up in falcon suits, fly through space and fight all kinds of weird and wonderful monsters. It was basically Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers before that show was ever a thing.

Feeling nostalgic yet? Just wait 'til you see the rest of the list!

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