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10 Awful Final Roles Of Actors That Deserved Better

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While some actors decide to stop after a few movies, others keep acting right up until their deaths. Sometimes this means they go out with some of their best work, but in the case of these ten actors, it unfortunately meant they went out with some of their worst.

Raul Julia - Street Fighter: The Movie

Columbia TriStar

The beloved actor signed onto the movie since his grandchildren were huge fans of the video game. While the movie is terrible, he gives easily the best performance in it. He filmed it while battling cancer, and unfortunately died shortly after it was finished.

Elizabeth Taylor - These Old Broads


Directed by Carrie Fisher and starring a who's-who of classic Hollywood actresses (including her mother, Debbie Reynolds), a promising movie turns into a bunch of slapstick and reminders of some of the most petty feuds between the actresses. Taylor would pass away soon afterwards.

Béla Lugosi - Plan 9 From Outer Space

Reynolds Pictures

One of the legends of horror (and still the most recognizable face of Dracula) would ultimately descend into a morphine addiction and die during the production of this turd of a sci fi film. Martin Landau would later win an Oscar for playing Lugosi during this time of his life in Ed Wood.

Christopher Reeve - Village of the Damned


Shortly before a horse riding accident would paralyze him for life, Reeve starred in John Carpenter's mediocre remake of a horror classic. Reeve does his best, but the movie is ultimately more funny than scary.

Chris Farley - Almost Heroes

Turner Pictures

During the peak of his addictions, Farley starred in this movie about a group of inept explorers trying to beat Lewis and Clark to the punch. He very clearly phones it in, and the result is just awful.

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