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10 Awesome Retro Games You've Probably Never Played

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While there's plenty of games on older consoles that we all know and love, sometimes there's some that, while amazing, happen to slip through the cracks. Let's take a look at some that deserve your attention.

1) Snowboard Kids (N64, 1998)


If the idea of Mario Kart on snowboards sounds like something you're into, then have I ever got a game for you. Also, you're my kinda person.

Giant Bomb

This colorful racer pits a group of Japanese schoolkids in a race down several colorful locations (amusement parks, highways etc.) while hitting each other with items like frying pans and explosive snowmen.

Daily Break

It even got a sequel! If you want a fun twist on a multiplayer racer, you should track this little gem down.


2) T'ai Fu: Wrath Of The Tiger (PS1, 1999)


Developed by Dreamworks Interactive, T'ai Fu is the story of a young tiger who must learn of his past in order to master kung-fu and defeat the dragon warlord that killed his people.


Along the way you'll do battle with a variety of animals all themed after various styles of kung-fu; Leopard, Snake, Monkey, Crane etc. You'll also learn these styles yourself, giving you an ever-expanding list of moves.

Video Games Museum

If this looks or sounds familiar, it's because much of the staff of this game went on to make the Kung-Fu Panda movies! With cool fighting styles, awesome music, and great voice acting, this gem still holds up.

MediEvil Boards

3) EVO: The Search For Eden (SNES, 1993)


An action-RPG like no other, this obscure Super Nintendo game doesn't put you in the role of a young warrior or a group of travelers. In fact, it has you play through the cycles of evolution!


You start off as a little sea creature, and depending on how you choose to evolve, you can become a bird, a dinosaur, or even a caveman! Each comes with their own unique levels, giving the game lots of replay value.


EVO's charming graphics and a soothing soundtrack combine with its gameplay to create something unlike anything you've ever played before, and it's absolutely worth your time.


4) Klonoa: Door To Phantomile (PS1, 1998)


During a time when 2D platformers were disappearing, Klonoa came along and reminded us all of how great they were.

Giant Bomb

The story of a young dog/rabbit/thing who has to save his land from an evil dark force, Klonoa has everything you'd expect from a great platformer: colorful graphics, tight controls, and lots of creative levels. It even has a surprisingly emotional story.


Despite being obscure, the game actually did spawn a franchise. It got a sequel on the PlayStation 2, two spinoff games on the Game Boy Advance, and even a remake on the Wii! Check it out.


5) Rocket: Robot On Wheels (N64, 1999)


You might not have heard of this game, but you've definitely heard of the people who made it. Sucker Punch Productions would go on to develop the Sly Cooper and Infamous franchises for Sony!

Rocket Wikia

One of the many 3D platformers on the Nintendo 64, Rocket puts you in the shoes of a little. single-wheeled robot who has to save an amusement park from an evil raccoon.


This game sticks out from the likes of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie by focusing a lot more on puzzles and driving interesting vehicles than sheer platforming. It feels pretty unique, and it's worth revisiting now. Maybe someday we can get a sequel?

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