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10 Grammy-Winning Artists We've Never Heard From Again

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The Grammy Awards are essentially the Oscars of the music industry, and are meant to be awarded to music that rises above the rest to be the best of its year. However, some artists seem to hit it big critically and then basically disappear, leaving the rest of us going "What happened?!" In particular, these are 10 artists we're kinda surprised left as quickly as they did.


The group was rolling in Grammys thanks to the breakaway success of "Hey Ya" (which you either seemed to love or hate), but went on hiatus soon afterwards and hasn't released any new material since.

Norah Jones

She won a whopping FIVE Grammys for her debut album back in 2002, and even though she continues to make music, she's never hit those highs ever again.


We all love "Gangsta's Paradise," and apparently so did the Grammys. Unfortunately, he kinda trailed off after that.


Seriously, where did these guys go after "No Diggity?" That song was the absolute best.

These next few artists will have you going "Wow, where did they go?"

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