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10 Amazing Movies We Loved That Nobody Believed Would Succeed

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Hollywood is a place where the more you learn about how the industry works, the more amazing it becomes that anything ever actually gets made. Between funding movies, arguments between producers, and tension on sets, it can be a miracle to actually keep your movie from becoming a total mess. In the case of these 10 movies, between how they were made and the expectations set by the studios, everybody thought they'd be complete failures. Everybody was dead wrong.

Dirty Dancing

The movie that introduced all of us to Patrick Swayze's very firm beliefs on putting Baby in a corner, it's pretty surprising to think that there was a time where this was anything but a classic. However, the truth is, test audiences absolutely hated the movie, and its producer was so disappointed in it that he said "Burn the negative, and collect the insurance." It went on to make $214 million at the box office, on a budget of $6 million.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

You and I both know that this movie's an undisputed classic that paved the way for Disney to become the unstoppable juggernaut of the film industry that it is today, but back in 1937, making an animated film with a running time of over 80 minutes was a massive risk. Critics at the time thought that kids would never be able to sit still for that long, and that adults wouldn't suffer through a movie meant for children for that long either. Even Walt Disney's wife, Lillian, said the movie was "doomed to fail."

Star Wars

Speaking of Disney properties (man that still feels weird to say), before Star Wars was a billion-dollar enterprise of movies, games, merchandise and just about everything else you could think of, it was just another B-grade sci-fi movie from an unknown director. Fox believed in it so little that they allowed George Lucas to keep the merchandising rights (which we imagine they're kicking themselves over now), and Lucas himself went on vacation during the premiere. He returned to find out it was shattering box office records.

The Blair Witch Project

This is maybe less surprising than a lot of the other entries on this list. An independent horror movie that was filmed on a shoestring budget with incredibly low-quality equipment, it was an experiment that could have easily tanked. However, between a brilliant marketing campaign and word of mouth, it became a massive success.

Think those were surprising? Wait 'til you see the rest!

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