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10 Albums That Ruined Careers (Or At Least Came Really Close)

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Even some of the most prolific bands of all time can have a bad release (or more than one in some cases), and while some of them bounce back, others never recover and fizzle into oblivion. In the case of these 10 bands, if an album didn't outright ruin them, it came damn close.

The Clash - Combat Rock

While it has one of the band's most beloved hits, the infighting that it brought out over the band's direction lead to singer Joe Strummer firing longtime guitarist Mick Jones, and the band folded soon after.

Berlin - Top Gun Soundtrack

Audiences everywhere loved the song, but much of the band absolutely hated it. Eventually, it lead to them splitting up.

Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

Considered by many to be disappointing compared to the band's previous work, it lead to a long hiatus, which then lead to a Billy Corgan solo effort and a comeback in the 2000s, neither of which did exceptionally well.

Guns N' Roses - The Spaghetti Incident

Having lost half of their original lineup and spinning their wheels creatively, The Spaghetti Incident was not only hated, but lead to the departure of every original member not named Axl Rose. It would be over a decade before the band would release another album.

Some of the rest of these albums tanked REALLY hard...

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